About Medicine Melodies

Kristian Marcussen & Mette Munch
Kristian Marcussen & Mette Munch, har bl.a. lavet forsiden til Karin Dyhrs bog, "Ude af mig selv", 2018

In addition to disseminating music and art, our goal is to create debate, inside and outside psychiatry, about mental health, including the value of music and art in relation to individual well-being.

Kristian Marcussen

My name is Kristian Marcussen. I am a pianist with an education as a music teacher from the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

I founded the current Medicine Melodies in 2018 with a desire to share my experiences with music and mental health with others. I have been a user of psychiatry since my 28th year and music started to take on a new dimension in my life early on because I began to use it consciously in relation to my mental health.

I now give concert lectures around Denmark, where I tell about the importance of music for my life and play a selection of my compositions.

In addition, I produce music that is released by Medicine Melodies. Mostly, this music is offered on various streaming services.

Mette Munch

In 2018 Mette Munch employed in Medicine Melodies.

Mette is an artist and offers expressive arts as painting, collage painting, mixed media, sculptural art and photo art.

Mette is also artistic staff, my good sparring partner and girlfriend.