Hænder på klaver
Kristian Marcussen, pianist. Foto: Mette Munch

Melodic music at ear level

Medicine Melodies produces music that is both created from an artistic expression and which is aimed at better mental health.

It is based on my own process of using music in relation to my mental health that I have composed the music.

It is individual which music has a healing effect on us. My compositions are personal and convey what I have at heart. It is my wish that my own experiences can be turned outward so that you can enjoy them.

Expression of the music

My father played piano and guitar and sang with me and my siblings. I often sat at the piano and tried my best. I learned from trying myself out, and even when I came to a piano teacher when I was 5 years old, I continued to experiment and explore the piano and the instruments of music.

This process gave me an exquisite joy in the piano playing, music and in life in general, which I related to in the same way as to my piano playing, namely as an explorer and experience seeker.

I studied piano at both classical and jazz music conservatories. I got a piano education and my hobby and my work flowed together.

Suddenly I was stricken with mental illness. Suddenly I got a severe psychosis. I was medicated against the disease, and while the medicine was working, I began to use music more consciously in relation to my mental health. The music became my comforting friend, who encouraged me in my pain. I started listening more empathetically than ever. My game got – despite the fact that I can not maintain the same discipline as before – renewed life and depth that I have not had to the same extent before.

I was now composing music for my own healing, and soon I was composing in order to help others to better mental health.

I found that music could not immediately be made an instrument of healthy health and at the same time contain the artistic freedom in full. Still, I work hard to maintain a certain artistic expression, while being able to present music that does something good for the individual mental health.

I give concert lectures in and outside psychiatry around Denmark. Here I tell about the importance of music for my life and play a selection of my compositions.

Recovery, by Kristian Marcussen


Improvisations For Piano And Synthesizer
2019: Improvisations for Piano and Synthesizer (Kristian Marcussen)
Klaver og syngeskåle til meditation
2018: Piano and Singing Bowls for Meditation (Gert Bach & Kristian Marcussen)